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Chronicles 10

Long-term consequences
of Prigozhin's mutiny

On 4-9 July 2023 we've made a phone poll with the aim to estimate whether Prigozhin's mutiny could have lasting consequences. Final sample comprises 1002 respondents weighted by age, sex and geography according to official statistics.


Anonymized data set and analytic report is available on our page at GitHub.

Despite all the propaganda's efforts, only 45% of respondents believe that Prigozhin's mutiny was a betrayal of Russia's interests; 


The very fact of talking about Prigozhin's mutiny significantly lowers statistic probability of respondent's stating that Putin has no alternative as President of Russia;

Number of war supporters continues to degrade. E.g. percentage of those who wouldn't support Putin's decision to withdraw troops and start peace talks without reaching military goals reached 39% (as opposed to 47% in February). In the meantime the number of respondents, who would support such decision stays the same: 39% (40% in February).

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By transferring money to support our project, you are helping to tell people in Russia and abroad about what (and, most importantly, why) the people of Russia think about the war with Ukraine. Our goal is to change public opinion about the war. Propaganda speaks of almost unconditional support for the war by citizens of the Russian Federation, but in reality everything is radically more complicated: the level of support is lower than “official” opinion polls show, and this support is not at all what it seems. We will spend all donations made in cryptocurrency on conducting opinion polls and creating analytics. 

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