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About us


The research project "Chronicles" has been initiated by Russian oppositional politician Aleksei Miniailo and like-minded social scientists and analysts. Our aim is to speak up on how the war with Ukraine is being perceived in Russia. To give reliable, truthful, verifiable information, we hold regular polls, social media research. We analyze the results, discuss them with the best Russian independent researchers and share them with you. You can verify our results: we publish anonymized data sets, questionnaires and analytic reports on every chapter at our page at GitHub.

We are especially grateful to our partners from Tazeros for sharing their social networks analysis results with us.​


Aleksey Miniailo. Photo by Evgenia Zhulanova

2023-12-21 21.15_edited.png

Project partner: Elena Koneva, researcher and founder of ExtremeSсan agency, Russia's representative to the WAPOR (World Association of Public Opinion Report).

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Andrey Tkachenko — candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, PhD in Economics. Andrey specializes in data analysis for Russia and Central Asia.

How Can I Help?


Talk to your Russian friends even if their position sounds weird or outrageous to you. You can help break the information blockade


Post instructions in Russian on how to use VPN


Keep helping your Ukrainian friends


Read our research updates


Help Russian initiatives resisting the censorship: the sooner Russians understand what really is going on, the sooner the war will stop


Support Russian diaspora now fleeing from the state: they are the force that can overcome the censorship and bring home the truth


Share this page


Mail us in case you have ideas!

Support us

By transferring money to support our project, you are helping to tell people in Russia and abroad about what (and, most importantly, why) the people of Russia think about the war with Ukraine. Our goal is to change public opinion about the war. Propaganda speaks of almost unconditional support for the war by citizens of the Russian Federation, but in reality everything is radically more complicated: the level of support is lower than “official” opinion polls show, and this support is not at all what it seems. We will spend all donations made in cryptocurrency on conducting opinion polls and creating analytics. 

Donate here:

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Why crypto? It helps our donators to stay anonymous.

If you want to support the project in a different cryptocurrency, please mail us:

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